Religion and the Public University Collaborative

Religion and Public University Collaborative

The Religion and the Public University Collaborative (RPUC), hosted by the Institute of Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota, uses the tools of academic research and knowledge production to address questions and issues that arise at the intersections of religious freedom, academic freedom, and church-state separation on this and other public university campuses.

Members of the RPUC meet regularly to discuss ideas and readings on the above-mentioned topics, organize conversations across university communities, and develop events related to religion and the public university.

We invite visitors to read our blog and participate in the conversation.

April 2020 
RPUC has been renewed for the 2020-21 academic year by the Institute for Advanced Study.
January 2020 — RPUC receives IDEA grant
Faculty in the Religious Studies Program have received a Faculty Driven Initiative Award from the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Diversity, Equity, and Advocacy (IDEA) to augment the work of the Religion and the Public University Collaborative, sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Study.  The award will be used to bring in a nationally noted speaker on the subject of religion and public education and to host faculty and staff conversations regarding religion and the UMN campus climate. The activities will be led by co-PIs Jeanne Kilde (RELS), Virajita Singh (OED/CDES), Penny Edgell (Sociology) and Aisha Ghani (ANTH/RELS).